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hope you like my art and please comment before you fave
and as much as i hate credits i do my art on: &





Station of Awakening- Base/ Full view
Station of Awakening- Disney's BRAVE by keyda3star
Station of Awakening- for PuppetOfDarkness by keyda3star
Station of Awakening- for DarkShadowNin by keyda3star
DarkShadowNin Station of Awakening pt 1 (base) by keyda3star
I basically design and create Station of Awakening'S
 whether it's purely a base or with character (S) on it.
Sketched Oc's portrait:
Xion sketch by keyda3star
Disney Keyda sketch by keyda3star
Image by keyda3star
Any single Oc can be drawn provided that the Oc be given in a specific position or image.

Please take note that what ever the Oc's facial expression or anything in the picture is. Will be drawn identical but as a sketch.
Make or Draw Oc's "My Little Pony"
Me as MLP by keyda3star
cypress in MLP by keyda3star
Char-Par's my litle pony (request) by keyda3star
Nio as a MLP by keyda3star
Kiari in MLP by keyda3star
Aqua in MLP by keyda3star

I can make any of your ocs into mlp style and you can have






 a horn of any kind +extra feature just for 10 points

ask away for your request 

Make or design Oc's etc.
Roxas the pokemon trainer by keyda3star
Young keyda by keyda3star
Request melody by keyda3star
Have a Happy X-mas! by keyda3star
my dragon quest 9 character 1:kida threastar by keyda3star
NEW oc: Sparrow by keyda3star

I take any requests really and I normaly make anyones ocs into any of the styles above

 then ask its 10 points per request. Enjoy. X)

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keyda3star's Profile Picture
The BROKEN Soul Reader
Artist | Hobbyist | Digital Art
United Kingdom
This is 10% luck, 20% skill, 15% concentrated power of will.
5% pleasure, 50% pain and 100% reason to remember the name!

My name is Besuhan'na. But you may call me, Besu, Keyda, or whatever. I am almost eighteen years old. Also I currently work for a computer company, whilst attending College, in England.

My newest MMD ModelWhich is available if you want her. The DL is below.…

Keyda's Bio: xxkittyxmadnessxx.deviantart.c…

MMD Character Disney Keyda:+ DL Links-
DL pack-…

Oc's I own and share:
belongs to

The two keyda's- Disney keyda + Selfie keyda
both belong to :iconkeyda3star:

Let me make this clear I do any requests.
But NOT MMD I have never used it in my life I am sorry.

Oc Keyda phrase-
"When all my light, is no longer enough.
I will turn to you for help & you will fail me, as you always have."

"I will dwell & linger at the edges of your life.
As you ignore me, content, like you always have."

"I will begin to fade, watching everything crumble around me.
and Yet in spite of everything I will still need you, as I always have"


<3 "Love, means exposing yourself, :cries:
to the very pain of being hurt deeply, by someone you trust..." <3


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need some support can you plz donate

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I've been tagged!? That's a first. Anyway....


1. You must post the rules listed
2. Each person tagged must share 13 things about themselves
3. Answer the 13 questions you were given and invent 13 new questions for the people you tagged
4. Tag 13 people
5. Go to their page and imform them they are tagged.

*13 More Facts About Me* (sorry if I end up repeating any from previous entries)
  1. - I have 3 both mental/physical diseases beginning with A
  2. - I Have phobia of snails. Its a real thing.
  3. - Currently I am reading the 4th chapter of Death Note (manga)
  4. - I Play piano.
  5. - I am a Chocoholic.
  6. - I am a college girl
  7. - I write about ocs.
  8. - I don't know what to put.
  9. - This is my first tag.
  10. - I hang round boys because I can't stand groups of Bitchy girls.
  11. - I am good at sprinting running and high/long jump.
  12. - Cake calls my name!
*Questions for Me*

- Are you skilled in any kind of fighting style? Yes I did knife throwing lessons as a child.
- Do you have any hidden talents? Um not really, my Ocs do, but not me personally No.
Kingdom Hearts or Final Fantasy?
Both. What they are Amazing so I can't choose. I would choose final fantasy for the storyline. And kingdom hearts for the emotions you get about the characters. Plus how goofy some of them are! *looks over at sora*
- What do you think is the coolest weapon Square Enix has ever come up with? It can be from any franchise.
From the dragon quest series I just love the swords and weaponry. I know there is better ones out there but I love the Franchise.
- Are you a "social butterfly" or a "lone wolf"?
Me? I am a Anti-Social Butterfly. I find it hard to speak up in real life, especially in big groups of people... but I'll quite happily chat when I am comfortable.
- What is your dream car? A Volkswagen Beetle or an original mini. Other than that I am more of a Bike person. 
- Is there a motto you live by?
No matter where life goes or how hard the wind blows. Always remember to smile. (Or Eat Sleep Draw Repeat XD)
- What do you think of trend? Trend?? Um I don't understand the question but I'm not very trendy. Who can be bothered.
- What is your favorite music genre?
Heavy Metal, Alternative, NightCore, Acoustic, Justin biebers dying gasp... Did I say that last one out loud, Whoops!
- Is there one thing in life you really can't wait for? What is it?
Yes and a good night sleep. But now at you mention it that cake in the fridgr has been calling my name, shame I cant eat it... X(
- iPod or MP3 player? I-pod but I don't use it much
- Are you good with computers? Yes I am
- If your life could be like a video game, which one would you like to live? Dragon quest 8 I would be in heaven.

*My Questions*
  1. If your life was a song, what would the title be?
  2. What commercial do you like?
  3. When was the last time you faked being sick?
  4. What is your favorite shirt?
  5. When was an embarrassing time you lost your wallet?
  6. What is your favorite childhood picture of yourself?
  7. What do you think is the most difficult sport?
  8. If you could have lunch with anyone living who would it be?
  9. Does your heart rule your mind or your mind rule your heart?
  10. What makes you feel safe?
  11. Do you believe in fate? Why?
  12. How can you tell when someone is lying to you?
  13. Do you have any goals that were imposed upon you?

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